Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Penetralia" at the Leyton Gallery

IAC Friend and visual artist Rhonda Pelley and visual artist Michael Pittman opened a new show last night - Penetralia - at the Leyton Gallery in St. John's.

Penetralia runs at the Leyton Gallery, Baird's Cove (off Water Street) until November 7, 2009.

See more of Rhonda's work online at Rhonda at the Leyton Gallery and featured in the First Edition of the Atlantic Basin Project.

See more of Michael's work online at Michael Pittman at Leyton Gallery and on the Michael Pittman Website.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drum Faces Winner and Finalists

Congratulations to Angela O'Brien, this year's Winner of the Drum Faces Contest - a part of the 5th Annual Rock Can Roll Festival. Here is the winning shot - Stephen Simmons of the band Quiet Elephant - photographer Angela O'Brien.

The winner was determined by audience applause at this year's Golden Rock Awards. The winning photographer recieves a $50 prize and the drummer in the photo wins a t-shirt from one of the Festival's most lovely sponsors Living Planet

Here are the other four finalists.

Matt Wall of Local Tough - photo by Jai Me

photo by Crista Cram.

photo of Alex Pierson by Jai Me

photo of Alex Pierson by Meghan Solo.

Drum Faces Entries

Here are a selection of the entries to this year's "Drum Faces Contest".

photo by Angela O'Brien of Sharleen and Stephen Simmons of Quiet Elephant.

Photo of Matt Wall of Local Tough submitted by Monica Walsh.

photo of Matt Wall of Local Tough by Jai Me

photo of Liz Solo of the Black Bags by Nauris Nikans.

photo of Jo Morgan of The Wolves by Jai Me

photo of Jamie March of Trailercamp, submitted by Derek March.

photo of Derm Kean submitted by Jai Me

photo of Meghan from the Mudflowers submitted by Jai Me

photo by Jai Me

photo of Hardliner submited by Eugene Leger

photo from Wreckhouse Blues Festival by Nauris Nikans

photos submitted by Devon Stanley Milley

photos submitted by Crista Cram

photo of Brian Downtown (ineligible)

photos of Alex Pierson by Jai Me

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Are Seven

September marks our seventh birthday as an organization. We will be celebrating all month with special events:

Saturday September 19th at CBTGs with the Black Bags.

TBA Studio Party Stay tuned for announcements.

All weekend long
at the upcoming Rock Can Roll Festival - September 25, 26 and 27. See post below for more information.

The Independent Artists Cooperative is proud to be celebrating seven years of providing workspace, programs and support to independent Newfoundland artists. Thank you to all of the artists, funders and friends who have been a part of making our first seven years such an exciting ride.

In your face - we are Seven and still going strong.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rock Can Roll Festival 5

The Independent Artists Cooperative is pleased to announce that the Fifth Annual Rock Can Roll Independent Music and Media Festival will be taking place from Friday September 25 until Sunday September 27, 2009 in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada.

photo above of Geinus from Rock Can Roll Festival 1 by Stephane Saint Jean.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jamspace Up and Running

We are happy to announce that our co-operative use jamspace is open for business again. Our media lab has now moved upstairs to its own room next to the office.

Contact us if you looking to rent jamspace, maybe we can help out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rock Show Fundraiser

there is a fundraiser for Rock Can Roll Media Collective coming up at Distortion in St. John's on Saturday February 21. Featuring the Black Bags, the Class War Kids, The Cyanides. $7 at the door. All proceeds go towards Rock Can Roll Programming.

the black bags

the black bags

Stelarc Visits

During our recent Rock Can Roll Festival many interesting artists presented on their work in new technologies (see our program of events linked in previous posts). Stelarc gave an artist's talk on his work and on his Second Life installation space (built and maintained by Pyewacket Kazyanenko). The Second Front also presented at the conference and can be seen in these pictures participating in the Stelarc lecture. These photos taken by Doug Jarvis/Tran Spire of Second Front.

the dead of winter

We have been very busy over the past fews months with both special events and keeping our workspace running. Currently at the IAC - Liz Solo, The Black Bags, Johnny Hardcore, Jenny Naish and the Rock Can Roll Media Collective have all been busy recording, machinimating, writing and/or rehearsing etc. This is how we keep warm.

Here are a few images from recent events. See photos from the 4th Annual Rock Can Roll Music and Media Festival on Rock Can Roll on Flickr

Danielle Smith


Liz Solo at RCR Conference