Monday, March 31, 2008

World Telekinesis Competition

We are thrilled to announce that two Newfoundland based teams have been accepted as contestants in the first annual World Telekinesis Competition. The World Telekinesis Competition is a project of the Noxious Sector Artists Collective and Deluge Contemporary Art based in Victoria, B.C.

Two NF Teams are very busy with preparations and training. The Monster Psionics League and Team Rock Can Roll will both be telekinetically representing the island in this contest. These teams of three will compete with other teams around the world to psychically influence the behavior of a candle lit in a remote location.
To read more about the competition Guidelines and Competitors Please visit the Official WTC Website.

Team Rock Can Roll will be represented by the infamous Brigggs, who will be utilizing his power over electrical currents as well as his remote drawing talents in the competition. Master of sound and vibration, telekinetic superpower Ron Anonsen has also joined the team.
Rounding out the Rock Can Roll Trio is Anthony Brenton. Anthony has been working with the paranormal since experimenting with pyro-kenetics as a child and is busy poring over dictionaries and books of Satanism to prepare for competition.

The Monster Psionics League are also deep in preparation. The MSL can often be found touring their traveling medicine show around the coves and inlets of Newfoundland. Many do not know that this collective is actually a powerful think tank who's telekinetic abilities were forged in an alien laboratory. Liz Solo, Burt Everest and Gzorak's Alien Beard are looking forward to competition and are currently immersed in an intensive training regimen involving complex drinking games and mental exercising. Stay tuned here for news on our teams and watch the Official WTC Website for progress of the project, competition times and results.

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