Monday, May 19, 2008

Team Rock Can Roll Are Triumphant!

Team Rock Can Roll have won their first round in the World Telekinesis Competition , held at Open Space gallery in Victoria, BC, hosted by Noxious Sector and Deluge Contemporary Art. The image above shows the official gameboard from the competition. As you can clearly see from the wax distribution on the board Team Rock Can Roll were victorious! Team members Anthony Brenton, Brigggs and Ron Anonsen (with familiar Clementine) cite deep breathing techniques and extremely remote influence as their strengths in competition.

Team Rock Can Roll defeated competitors Team Xirony who put up a valiant fight in a round that has been described as "no cakewalk." Next week they will go up against the infamous London United Psychic Club. From Rock Can Roll Headquarters in St. John's the team's manager, Liz Solo, had this to say about next week's round:

"The London United Psychic Club is a powerful group but our team members are not intimidated by the competitors reputation, nor are they allowing their recent victory go to their heads. They are keeping their focus. Everyone here at Rock Can Roll has full confidence in them. We want to bring that trophy home to Newfoundland. "

Team Rock Can Roll are the only Newfoundlander's representing after the defeat of Monster Psionics League in last weekend's competition. They will be competing next Sunday, May 25 at 4:30 P.M. Newfoundland time. Stay tuned for results.

To find out more about the World Telekinesis Competition and the people who sponsor it please visit Noxious Sector

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