Monday, July 21, 2008

First Virtual Installation Closes

This Month at the Co-op
Thank you to all who came out to see and support our first Second Life installation project "White Box", presented on Odyssey Island in Second Life. The installation ran for six weeks and featured rotating work by Anthony Brenton and Luke Power (live poetry/video/installation), Rock School For Girls (Video), Steve Abbott (painting/installation), and Liz Solo (video/installation) with build by Liz Solo.

During the gallery run we also presented five live performances including two live readings and musical performances simultaneously in the real and the virtual recreation of the Reject Room as well as live band shows simultaneously in the virtual and the real Ship Pub. We have also presented musicians Liz Solo, Mike Kean and Steve Abbott in live musicial performance in Second Life, most memorably at the SubClub. During that performance Ian Nightengale and Jenny Skywalker operated the avatars for Mike and Steve who's hands were busy playing live:

In the Studio
Liz Solo and Jen Skywalker are currently working in the co-op studio space on various projects. They are maintaining an open build space on Odyssey Island. Liz Solo is working on her Machine I Am project - merging machinima with other media in a narrative form. Jen is working on her newest play "And As For Her" and rehearsing her set of songs. The Sketch have just recorded a quick 12 song demo. The Black Bags are re-grouping and writing new material.

Anthony Breton, when not writing, is busy seeking paid employment as a writer. Should you be seeking a copywriter, art critic, rock show reviewer or brilliant poet for any reason - Anthony Brenton is your man. E-Mail us

There are many big projects on the horizon for the co-op, including more virtual presentations in Second Life. Please stay tuned.

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